It is important to me to keep going, and not quit. I weighed myself yesterday, and I was a little apprehensive…. But I have lost another 5lbs!! Thats a total of 26lbs lost since May 2015!! So motivational for me!! Seeing results is so important!

I have a long journey ahead and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Keeping motivated isn’t so easy for me so one tool I like to use is the internet for quotes. This link below is a great resource!

Fitness Motivation Quotes

Another secret weapon I have found is AdvoCare products! What a major difference I see in my energy to get up and go! I actually went for a jog with my kids on Friday! I have been drinking the Mango Strawberry Spark, which is a delish energy drink with B12 and 21 vitamins. What a change from my coffee addiction! Also, I take the Metabolic Nutrition System (E), Slim (Apple Pear), Meal Replacement Shakes , and Thermoplus. I have never been so satisfied with a system as I am with this one.
Well, time for bed. Tomorrow I start the gym….

What are your fitness goals?
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