In May of 2015 was way overweight, had no energy, and drank unlimited amounts of coffee to give me energy for my desk job.

I had no idea what foods were best to keep me satisfied, fuel my metabolism, be affordable, and be nutritious.


I was on social media scrolling through my news feed when I saw it. A friend’s pictures showed her progress of  how much weight she had lost after having her baby. I was amazed by it! I reached out right away. I knew, if she can do it, so can I! My friend told me about what she did. A program called AdvoCare. I was amazed! I started on AdvoCare products right away. Since then I have had increased energy, lost 29lbs, joined a community of wonderful people who want me to succeed, and learned so much about nutrition. Where has AdvoCare been all of my life??? See more

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