Happy Sunday afternoon! It’s a sunny, yet very windy autumn day here in the mountains of Virginia. This is my absolute favorite season!


This thought pops up in my mind often. Its that little bit of motivation that helps me stay positive.

Keep this in mind every day: Every positive thought propels you on the right direction.

Thoughts turn into actions. On what path are your thoughts taking you? Success or failure? Calm or Anxious? You truly decide what your future holds. What do you do now? Be the best person you can be. Not perfect, but constantly changing and improving each day. Laugh at yourself, cry, smile, show kindness and generosity, be loving, and feel free.

You can do this!

I have to share this super funny Adele video. Adele shows that it’s okay to be silly and have fun!

Adele Pranks Adele Impersonators by Performing as an Adele Impersonator and It’s the Best | E! Online Mobile