Before AdvoCare, I was struggling as a single dad, basically homeless and fed up with the standard of living I was providing for myself and my daughters.

I was often sleeping on people’s couches, and sometimes even finding a meal was tough. I wanted more – I wanted to live a better life and to be the man and father my daughters would be proud of.

I learned about AdvoCare from friends of mine who were professional athletes and after seeing their success on products I decided to give them a try. I became a Distributor for the product discount and mostly as a hobby. When I received my first check, I realized this could be the opportunity I needed to get back on my feet. I decided that AdvoCare would be the answer to building the life that I truly wanted for my family.

At Success School I saw so many AdvoCare leaders with integrity and passion. I thought to myself, “If they can do it, I can too!” And I did. I was getting paid for the hard work I was putting in and seeing my true potential. In one year I went from having to borrow money to give my girls a decent Christmas, to being able to give them everything on their list.

My previous struggles have become my strengths, and through AdvoCare I’ve been able to not only embrace my own journey, but also enjoy it! I get to spend time with my daughters and they don’t have to be in daycare. I get to help my mother and was able to take her on the Costa Rica Viva AdvoCare incentive trip I qualified for! My family gets all of me, every day, and that’s what keeps me going. My focus is now about sharing awesome products with awesome people and showing compassion for others. I’m here to help change lives!

STATUS: 9 Star – Joined May 2012. EARNINGS TO DATE: $281,738.33*

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