We successfully applied the DebtBuster® System twice and because of our success, we are sharing our story with everyone!

In 2002, we began using the DebtBuster® System to help us eliminate $9,000 of college debt over time. As our family started growing, we were concentrating on living day-to-day, and we fell away from using the DebtBuster® System. Nine years later, we found ourselves spiraling into credit card debt after having sudden changes in our careers. We needed a way to bring ourselves out of financial hardship and made a commitment to get back on track.

We applied the DebtBuster® System again and became serious about our finances . In 2010, we paid off $22,000 of debt in just 11 months by working hard and using the DebtBuster® System to help us get back on track. Within the past four years, we have been able to eliminate more than $70,000 of debt overall. We are inspired to tell others how the DebtBuster® System helped bring us out of debt not just once, but twice.

Now, we not only have more choices in life but, we also have the time and financial freedom to give back and take care of our family.

STATUS: Emerald – Joined May 2002. DEBT ELIMINATED: $70,000*